Wedding Videographer in Cairns – Choosing the Best

A video can be a great way to capture the moments on your wedding day, but hiring wedding videographers can make all of the difference between receiving a memento that you can be proud of, or a bad shot, a piece of distorted movie, which will be better off in the bin.

Therefore, choosing the best videographer is quite important. You can ask for referrals from your friends or relatives. You can also find the best Cairns wedding photographer through

Knowing who to hire can be a bit hit and miss unless you know what questions to ask beforehand. With this in mind, here are a few questions that will help to make your choice:

Can we watch a video?

Anyone can capture some of their best shots of various weddings, but ask to watch a full-length recent video that they have made. Also, request to watch it in the privacy of your own home so that the wedding videographers won’t be able to interject and sway your decision. If they won’t agree to this, then walk away.

What is your style?

Ask them what video style they can shoot. Two of the most basic style short (usually romance) or long (usually a documentary). A short video tend to last anywhere from 10-40 minutes and basically just captures the essence of the day, often consisting of only a ceremony with romantic music playing. A long video can last between 45-90 minutes and is a more detailed description of the events that happened during the day.