Understand Deeply About Your Car’s Exhaust System

Vehicles nowadays are equipped with advanced features compared to other models developed years ago. Like the human body, vehicles are also composed of different systems.

These automotive systems include the electrical system, the motor system, the electrical system, the direction, and the suspension and the exhaust system. All of these components perform different roles allowing an automobile to work properly.

One of the substantial components of a certain vehicle is the exhaust system. Exhaust systems transmit burned gases from the internal combustion engine to the exhaust pipe. Today, most of the modern vehicle exhaust system is designed to make gases through a catalytic converter reducing air pollution. You can also shop black OPS high-Performance Exhaust system online at Black Ops Performance.

A silent device is also used to minimize the noise produced by the exhaust system. Like the other automotive system, the exhaust system also contains several components.

One of the exhaust system components is the collector or the header. The main objective of the collector is to gather the burning gases of several cylinders in the internal combustion engine and place it in a single pipe. The header is an alternative name for the collector and these are specially designed to improve performance.

The header is the part of the exhaust system that allows the gas to circulate the output of the header on the exhaust pipe. The turbo-back is the part of the exhaust system between the output of the turbocharger and the exhaust pipe. 

Some exhaust systems eliminate catalytic converters because the turbo-back performs the same function as the catalytic converter. The last component of the exhaust system is the CatBack.