The Best Ways To Have Fun In London

Visiting London soon? There's plenty to do and lots to see, that means choosing the right activities can be tough. Whether you are looking at the city from a hot air balloon or taking some time out in a peaceful gallery, there's such a rush that people do not wan't to miss anything. If you want to explore regarding London city trip combinations, you can search the browser.

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The west end

Fans of the theatre and musical theatre, in particular, will be aware of this particular mecca already, as a theatre after theatre promises all-singing all-dancing performances from its talented singers, dancers, and actors. 

Tickets aren't always cheap, however, it can be worthwhile shopping around online or even turning up just before a show starts to see if there are any spare at knockdown prices.

Rarely do the shows disappoint and you'll often find yourself laughing or weeping throughout as the true majesty of the shows hits home. They're always lavish and not quite real, but they will transport you to a world far away from the one you left on the street.

Museums and art galleries

A definite thumbs up for all the family, The Science Museum, or The Natural History in South Kensington are hugely popular with both tourists and London residents. Exhibits can appeal to children and to adults, with a staggering amount of information communicated in a number of innovative and often entertaining ways.


London is home to all sorts of world-class sporting events. It currently hosts five premier league football teams, with Chelsea, Spurs, and Arsenal often competing to win the nation's biggest football prize. There is also Wimbledon, of course, where for two weeks in the summer the world's best tennis players play for the right to be the grass-court king or queen of the game.