Wood Wine Rack Plans – Which One to Choose?

Along with the growing popularity of wine collection, building a wine rack is becoming a popular hobby among wine enthusiasts. Studying construction plans and buying lumber and tools are now common weekend activities.

Today's wine enthusiasts are very lucky as there are many DIY plans available for them to choose from. Here is a simple but effective guide to help you choose the best plan for you. You can search for the custom wooden wine racks in Toronto from various online sources.

1) Plans for table or counter bottle racks

Tabletop or counter wine racks are great for saving space, suitable for smaller wine collections ranging from 1 to 12 bottles. They provide a more decorative function while also providing an area to store wine, simply ideal for small gatherings.

2) Wine Furniture / Wine Tower / Wine Rack Cabinet Plans

Wine furniture is suitable for small and medium collections. Wine cabinets include display cabinets and wine towers that double as the display centerpiece in a room, as well as serve as a storage solution for the wine collection. Wine cabinets will generally be equipped with a solid wood door at the bottom and glass doors at the top for easy viewing. 

3) Floor plan wine rack

Floor wine racks can be used as decorative pieces and as storage for small or very large wine collections. They are a great alternative to wall wine racks if the walls are not ideal for placing wall furniture. Additionally, floor racks can easily be used to complement surrounding furniture by applying the proper finish and color.

4) Wine cart and wine cart plans

The trolleys and wine carts are multifunctional. They allow you to easily move wine and other kitchen items to other rooms or even outside when entertaining guests. Another example of a multifunctional wine rack would be to incorporate it into a kitchen island to Stowell.