Must Know Car Hacks Before Visiting The Audi Service Centre

Regularly Service your Audi for the Best Driving Experience: Useful Car Hacks

Whenever you find any dents on your Audi, a trip to the service center seems inevitable. However, did you know that you can fix a dent all by yourself?

Dry ice, a hairdryer, and a can of compressed air are cheap solutions to get your car's body back into shape, according to Life Hacker. To know about audi overhaul centre you can search the internet.

This should be done only for minor bumps, while you may need to visit a body shop in case of a major accident. Here are several similar useful car hacks that you can benefit from.

Brushing your Lights

Over time, your headlight brightness can dampen due to the accumulation of dust and debris on the screen. To steer clear of this situation, a good idea is to clean your headlights every few months with toothpaste and a lot of elbow grease.

This will considerably improve the clarity of your lights and account for a cheaper alternative. However, in case a bulb fuses, rather than taking your Audi to a local mechanic, always opt to visit your Audi Service Centre.

Fixing Scratches and Cracks

Small cracks and scratches keep coming up regularly on the body of most vehicles. This can mar the appeal and shine of your car and can even lead to rusting. A quick hack is to apply nail polish over the affected area to conceal any such minor damages.

Since cosmetics, and especially nail polish, are available in almost every shade, it will not be difficult to find a color that closely resembles the tone of your vehicle. Touch up car paint and nail polish are close in nature, which makes nail polish a good substitute.