Text Message Marketing Rules

If you're thinking about diving into the world of SMS (short message service) marketing, but you're hesitant about contacting the provider because you do not know anything about it, you're not alone. 

Marketing text messages may be one of the easiest, least expensive and most effective digital advertising to engage in, but it is still a strange new world to many-after all, until recently the text message itself has belonged to the younger set, and it was only in recent years that has taken off in over thirty sets. You can visit http://textellent.com to know everything about text message services.

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Here are the key phrases that you need to become familiar with and understand; 


Shortcodes are five-digit numbers that consumers plug into their mobile phones to dial into your opt-in list. It's basically a phone number for your text. The code can be a series of random numbers.


Keywords are the responses that you ask the client to hit at once they were out of your; The way they say "yes". For your offer. So if you are a victim pizza shop to buy one / get one free slice, keywords may slice.

Call to action

It is your offer. In the above example, your call to action is the offer of a free slice of pizza if the client responds in a certain amount of time.

The current message

This explains the text conversation. Once presented with a call to action through the medium of your supporters, the client responds by sending a keyword to your shortcode. Your response, confirming receipt of their message, completes the message flow.