Top Uses For Common Garden Lights

With so many different garden lights to choose from, the biggest challenge can often be where to place the type of light. Look at features in your garden to find the best place for lighting. Trees, sculptures, fountains, and other great features. Statues and fountains are clearly a feature that is easy to pay attention to during the day. 

You will want to make it real at night with special garden lighting. Easy illuminating fountain with special fountain lights. Sculptures and things like shaped bushes or other interesting features in your garden can be illuminated with lights or spotlights. You can buy the high-quality spotlight for plants online at


Spotlight is installed on the wall or on the ground, depending on the angle you want and the appearance you are trying to achieve. If you want to really focus on something like a garden statue, the spotlight mounted on the wall that shines directly on it is a good choice. If you want to make a little drama, then the spotlight on the surface of the ground shines in the corner, and throwing a shadow extending behind it will add a little more interest.

The lights ride are installed under features and are usually hidden so they don't show during the day. Light rays walk straight up or a little corner. Instead of actually illuminating the entire face of the statue or features, the beam comes from the bottom so the feature is on but the shadow is thrown to the top, especially at the top. 

This is a dramatic form of garden lighting than one designed only for lighting. These lights around the bottom of the tree will brighten the baggage and create interest when the light passes through it. The alternative is a high-mounted light on the tree to shine, simulate the moonlight coming through the branch.