Types Of Ballpoint Pens Available In Market

The pen is produced in a single-use model and is refillable. Refill allows the entire internal ink tank, including the ball and base, to be replaced. Such a feature is usually attributed to designer pencils or those made of finer materials.

The simplest type of rose gold pen is a disposable pen and has a cap to cover the tip when not in use or a tip holder which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but usually with a spring or screw mechanism.

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Roller pens use the same ball mechanism, but with water-based ink instead of oil-based ink. Compared to oil-based balls, roller pens provide more ink flow. However, water-based inks will absorb if held still relative to the writing surface.

Some pens use a hybrid ink formula which has a lower viscosity than standard ink but higher than roller ink. Ink dries faster than gel pens to prevent smudging when writing.

The erasable ball ink formula has similar properties to gum cement, so the ink can be completely rubbed off the writing surface before it dries and eventually becomes permanent. Erased ink is much thicker than standard ink balls, which require a print cartridge to smooth the flow of ink. This means that you can also write backward.

A multi-ballpoint pen is a pen with many different color refills. Sometimes a ballpoint pen is combined with another filling that is not a ball, usually a mechanical pencil. Sometimes the pen combines a ballpoint at one end and a touch screen pen at the other.