Basic Tips for Getting High-rise House Air Conditioners in Melbourne

Do you have a terraced house? Maybe you have a two-story house. Maybe you have a three-story house. Or, if you're really lucky, you might have a house with four or more floors. 

In either case, your home will likely need air conditioning. You can now get a multi head split conditioner in Melbourne to deal with this situation. 

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Below are some tips for multi-story house air conditioners:-

If you have a terraced house, get all your bids as early as possible in the construction process. Try to get a quote for air conditioning while the building is still in the plans. This way, you can change your climate plan.

For multi-storey houses, you may need to add windows, ceilings, partitions and electricity to your plans during the planning phase to accommodate the air conditioner effectively. If your home is already built, adding air conditioning can be a lot more difficult. 

The most common problem with existing multi-storey apartments is the lack of access from the top to the bottom. This usually means you will have to split your air conditioner into two smaller systems (1 unit on top and 1 unit on bottom) which can significantly increase the final AC bid.

One way to get around this is to add a roof feel to your home. It is basically a metal box that connects the upper roof space with the lower roof space so that ducts can be installed inside. 

This cover is usually matched with the exterior color of your home so that it blends in as well as possible. Skylights allow you to physically move air ducts from upstairs to downstairs so you can use one air conditioner for your entire home.