What Are The Different Types Of Auto Transport Services?

Auto transport is the process of moving your vehicle from one place to another. This can be from state to state or country to country as long as you and the shipper may agree, your car can be hauled.

If the destination is simply a local one, trucks are utilized to transport your vehicle and whether the destination is international, ships are used instead.

In this article we give you some ideas regarding the different car transport services so that you can avoid confusion when choosing one.

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1. Open carrier: Open carrier auto is your standard service that many companies will present to their clients. This is a reliable kind of support that works for most shipping requirements and this is also what most customers want because this is the less costly service one of the ones that are offered by shippers. 

2. Enclosed carrier: An enclosed carrier is the type of service wherein the automobile is going to be placed within an enclosed cargo van or container. This is created for special requirements like sending a classic car or a luxury car wherein more protection is a need.

3. Door to door auto transport: Another kind of service is your door to door services. In this kind of service, the provider will select your vehicle in a designated place nearest to where you are and send your car to the nearest spot to your destination.