Know More about the Benefits of Natural Essential Oils

Every one has their own ideas of what essential oil they like the best or use the most. If you have a kind of disease, or certain conditions, it might be a good idea to get a list of available essential oils. Often you will find a table of oil that will provide detailed information about each, which can include use, material, and sometimes even oil what combines most with the other for more specialized natural health applications. You can check out the natural essential oils at

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One of the best known essential oils and widely used is Lavender. It is often used as a base for combination oil and is known as universal oil. This can be used without flat and has a variety of natural health needs.

For physical use of lavender used for various direct skin applications. You can use it for dry skin and zits. The quality of cooling, some antiseptic makes it ideal for a variety of mild burns or skin irritation, including solar burns and insect bites. 

The aroma smells bad to bite insects and can be used as a natural repellent. A few drops on temples have been known to relieve some migraine headaches. Lavender also increases the process of healing your own body, so it is widely used for colds and congestion.