Shungite and the Power of Crystal Healing

Shungite is a strange stone found mainly in Russia. This relatively rare, almost unknown, and best rated is known as elite shungite. It is not only very light, but also naturally lustrous and has a black soot that resembles soot.

Since the main deposit in the world is in Karelia in northwest Russia, it is an expensive and abrasive material that is popular with rock and mineral lovers around the world. You can get information about pre-washed shungite stones for sale via The Better & Back Body Shop.

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Elite shungite, which was used to treat crystals for its healing properties, was formerly known as a "magic stone" or "stone of life". In fact, Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible series, claims that she may have helped create life on earth.

Although conventional medicine in one form or another can be traced back 5,300 years, the use of crystals for healing can be traced back at least 6,000 years. Although the practice of crystal healing is still surrounded by great skepticism, many people, including myself, remain open to it. While there may not be scientific evidence to support what is sometimes referred to as pseudoscience, healing crystals are undoubtedly an essential part of the lives of many.

There is some evidence that they may work in a similar way to a placebo. These are substances or medications that are considered real but do not contain any active ingredients. Studies have shown that placebos have the ability to stimulate a marked physiological response of changes in heart rate or blood pressure to chemical activity in the brain.