A Peek Into Shisha Smoking – Is It More Harmful Than Cigarette Addiction?

You have heard about smoking and other smoking procedures and some of you might even have a little knowledge about Shisha smoking (hookah) but I assume that there must be at least some amid an extraordinary disaster that Shisha smokes releasing the lives of a smoker.

All over the world, Shisha smokes is not smoke, but the inevitable dangers of shisha smoke are much larger than the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes!

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Right on the mention of Shisha, a large number of women and gentlemen were beaten with total confusion because they could not describe the meaning of this phenomenon and also the reasons that explained that quitting smoking is the need for a smoker immediately for a shisha smoker?

If you are in the same trouble and the term “Shisha smoking” seems mysterious for you then let me tell you that Shisha is just an oriental tobacco pipe. Shisha pipes attached to flexible tubes that are very long and further connected to the container where tobacco is stored and cooled by passing water.

Returning to the possibility of losses from Shisha smoking, I want to explain that in one session, smokers breathe in a large amount of tobacco smoke that is 200 times more than the smoke consumed by smokers by illuminating cigarettes.

Now imagine the inevitable destruction of Shisha smoking! Research has explained that a large number of disaster chemicals are present in shisha smoke that can encourage cancer and heart disease in people.

Taking stock of the consequences of the disaster from Shisha smoking, health fans around the world are increasingly demanding a direct ban on Shisha smoking.