Top SEO Tricks On Keyword Placement

The art of using keywords in any SEO campaign has evolved hundred-folds. One cannot expect to achieve better rankings by simply repeating target keywords as many times as possible in a page. You need to be smart about it. You need to keep things natural – ensuring that the presence of the keyword in a page is actually relevant, called for and in consonance with the flow of the content.

Modern SEO incorporates certain smart tricks to get the most out of your campaign through keyword research.

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Here is how you can still incorporate keywords into your strategy and enjoy the trust of Google at the same time.

  • Content

This is perhaps the most difficult part of any SEO strategy – you need to include content in a website that is absolutely amazing and that uses your target keyword in a sensible and logical format without attracting the wrath of Google. The idea is to think about what your users would want to read about when they land on a particular page of your site.

  • Page Title

This may seem old school but including your target keyword in your page title is important – however, it shouldn’t be an exact match. Again, according to the quality parameters of Google, you need to make sure that the keyword in the page title deserves to naturally be there, rather than appearing to be artificially stuffed. Your page title should be interesting enough to get people to actually click on it.

  • Image tags

It is important to optimize the images that you are including in your website. Each image should have a keyword that is relevant to it included in the Image Name and its Alt-Tag. This will help you improve your rankings in Google image search and will end up being an added parameter for the search engine crawlers to understand the purpose of your website and pages.