What Is End of Lease Cleaning?

If you are a tenant, you will know that you can move to a clean and well-maintained property. In most cases, the property must be clean before the new tenant moves. However, residents are also expected to maintain cleanliness during the rental. You can opt for the end of lease cleaning from 365cleaners before the place is issued to tenants.

Landlords have the right to return their property to its original condition. For this reason, new tenants must pay a security deposit. If a repair or cleaning service is needed when the tenant moves, the landowner will deduct the cost of this loan. If the tenant can return the house in good condition, they are entitled to all the money for the bond.

To overcome this problem, cleaning companies have introduced a service called rental final cleaning. End of Leasing Cleaners is trained to provide complete top-down cleaning services for rental homes. This type of service is affordable and ensures that tenants get all the money for bonds.

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Cleaning services at the end of the rental period include –

• Clean the room and floor from top to bottom

• Removes pests and mold

• Clean the aisles, parks and courtyards

• Clean windows, walls and doors

• Clean the steam carpet

• Debris removal

Some other property cleaning services, such as sewer cleaning are the responsibility of their owners.

In addition to cleaning leases, most cleaners offer cleaning services for facilities that need to be cleaned regularly, e.g. Service Hotels and Apartments. Most Australian cleaners are guaranteed high-quality cleaning by our professional cleaning team who share cleaning experience with your work.