Optimizing The Use Of Face Shields

If the personal protective equipment supplies are limited during a pandemic, adult care facilities should have local plans for stocking up on face shields. Every nursing home should understand the level of the latest protective face shield available and monitor how often they are used.

Steps to optimize the use of a face shield include:

1. Exclude personnel who are not strictly required for home care from entering the treatment area.

2. Minimize personal meetings with residents.

3. Exclude visitors from residents with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

4. Cohort population (the practice of separating sick residents from other residents).

5. Maximize the use of telehealth.

6. All measures taken must be in the best interest of the residents and ensure the highest standards of clinical and pastoral care.

7. If your inventory of face shields is expanding, consider removing consumables from reusable (also known as "disposable") face shields.

8. Ensure proper cleaning and disinfection between uses when the shield is reused (see above).

You can consider wearing face shields for long periods without distance between passengers. Do not touch the front of the face shield to avoid cross-contamination between occupants. Prioritize face protection for specific activities such as Maintenance activities where sprays and sprays are expected; For example, residents with respiratory infections such as colds/coughs.