MedTech Have This One Thing In Common

MedTech companies are experiencing a shift. Where once they focused the weight of their marketing efforts on communicating with health care providers (HCPs), now they’re extending their reach to talk directly with consumers.

MedTech companies have had a limited relationship with consumers. Their insights into patients have been based on aggregated data and they’ve relied on HCPs, with their more intimate knowledge of patients, to educate patients about products. You can also get inside the minds of your customers to enhance your brand experience with the help of Medtech companies via

They’re also able to gain a better understanding of patient needs and personalize the information they provide. MedTech companies now have access to digital marketing channels that let them interact directly with consumers.

Converging forces are creating a perfect storm—with a non-conventional solution

The convergence of consumer expectations and all the new digital tools available presents a huge opportunity for MedTech companies. It’s a chance to get to know consumers and patients better and provide them with tailored, relevant communications that offer real value.

There are three different areas where I think a transformation in MedTech marketing could make a significant difference for both patients and their HCPs:


Investing in the knowledge level and behaviors of the patient to support their ability to help their own health outcomes.

Emotional support

Providing encouragement and a sense of community.

Social support

Helping patients get access to care and support. While these types of engagement might be more challenging to connect directly to MedTech sales, the combination of direct consumer relationships and advanced analytics are making that easier.