Neck Massage Techniques – Methods For Fast and Effective Massage

This article will discuss the massage techniques necks and seven methods that you can do to provide a fast and very effective massage. The techniques below will relax and relieve stress quickly and without the need of a massage table or even a professional masseur. You can explore more information about Neck Massage Techniques via Bino Massage.

Neck Massage Techniques - Methods For Fast and Effective Massage

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1. Over Shoulder Squeeze: The first step in a quick neck massage is to manage the squeeze on the shoulder. Triangular shaped muscle on each side of your shoulders is famous because it brings a lot of stress and toxins. Repeat three times, and gradually increase the pressure.

2. Finger Rings: Straighten your arms and put your fingers on the line. Place your finger at the top of the neck and make small circles with your fingers. Continue down to the neck and along the shoulders down to your shoulder muscles. Repeat three times and moved to the other side.

3. Lobster Claws: The most pleasant massage technique, if done correctly, lobster claws, made by rubbing the muscles in the back of the neck, hands alternately and perform in a fluid motion. Repeat 20 times.

4. Head Massage: Place a finger at the hairline on the back of the head. Start in the center and make small circles with your fingers and move outward.

Continue until the back of the head and scalp massage, moving back down once you reach the top. Then repeat the massage techniques lobster claw on the other side of the body.