Things To Know About Background Verification Services In US

An end-to-end provider of background verification and employment screening solutions to clients in the financial services and health care industries is converting to a new recruiting platform for their core processing.

The project team is focused on sending critical new customers to new platforms within deadlines. There are many companies from where you can easily get trusted employment screening services for small, medium, and large businesses.

However, before a full redesign of the new platform, hundreds of employee criminal checks, vehicle/driver resume records, credit checks, job checks, training, and credentials are carried out on the new platform.

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Old customers are concerned about the impact of the forgery on the quality of their projects. Since both new and existing customers of marketing firms have concerns about initial screening, it is better to recommend and use two external recruiting teams to conduct an in-depth review of the new screening technology for recruitment services.

With these two simultaneous systems, any mismatch in customer processing between the old and new technology platforms can be identified while the new technology is still under development.

Screening of existing customers, staff reviews, BPSS reviews, FSA reviews, credit checks, and customer issues between old and new technology in processing customer information. This allows the hiring team to make adjustments to the new technology design before all hires are completed.