How to Batch-Submit Records From Your Database to a Web Form

Web forms are extensively used over the internet for data entry. There are many reasons why they're so popular, but the main of them is that they're easy to code and that they suit many purposes: you can send orders, request additional data, or assistance from a software developer.

On an industrial scale, web forms are widely used for data validation. Data validation can mean thousands of records processed daily. Think a middle-sized bank needs to validate data on 1'000-2'000 customers on daily basis.

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So how does it usually happen in real life?

Say a bank has a database for their clients. The database provides a separate table with data on clients registered today. And these records should be submitted to a web form for data validation.

Until recently, there have only been two ways to process these new records:

1. Manual data entry. That means, hire an assistant and they'll enter the data manually.

2. Writing a custom script that automates the procedure so that it processes the records and sends them to the form one by one.

Still, these two options may prove inefficient and costly. Submitting a record manually may take up to 20 minutes, depending on the form complexity. In most cases, that'll take 2 to 5 minutes. So it'll take roughly 3000 minutes or 50 working hours to enter the records for clients registered just in one day.

So if you wouldn't like to hire six data entry assistants full-time, you may turn to option 2. Sure, this'll require some initial development and integration effort but it will solve the problem and will be more effective in the long run.