Okra Vegetable Is Good For Health

Okra is a vegetable that’s odd in shape and looks. There are lots of dishes made using okra as an ingredient, which is sometimes boiled, sauteed, deep-fried, or served uncooked. This vegetable is well known for its nutrient value. It’s best consumed uncooked. Eight pods of okra of about 3 inches each provide 63 percentage Vitamin-K, 33 percent Vitamin-C and 47 percent manganese.

Okra is great to eat when soft and tender, and when the pod is about three inches in length. More pods shouldn’t be bought since they’d be rough. It needs to be rinsed before cooking. It needs to be utilized before two days of purchase and you must dispose of pods that are additional soft or decayed. You can buy okra vegetable from https://kirifoods.co.uk/fresh-food-bakery/fresh-okro-okra.html#/34-unit-05kg.

okra vegetable

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Soft okra doesn’t need peeling or deseeding. It may be chopped or sliced raw and put in stews and soups. Its thickening properties make them perfect additives in shellfish and sauces.

You can saute entire pods with some garlic. Trim the pods, wash and pat them dry, heat small oil in a pan and saute the pods inside them. Squeeze a few garlic pods and add pepper and salt. Stir this gently to coat the pods with garlic essence until the pods turn soft. This generates a superb dish together with grilled chicken or steak.