Branding Development Techniques: Be Unique But Recognizable

Developing a business brand can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences. The rewards of a successfully orchestrated brand identity can be found in that feeling of complete accomplishment.

Yet, the challenges of this brand-building experience can make any business owner give up before they have even begun. So, how does one avoid the pitfalls and shame of a butchered brand that so often consumes a company's meager marketing budget?

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The power of Branding - The Portal Agency

Even the largest companies make the worst branding mistakes. However, by following these three simple steps, any size organization can build strong and lasting brands that are unique and recognizable:

  • Arm Yourself
  • Build Strategically
  • Maintain The Brand

Arm Yourself

The foundation of great brands is those individuals who are hired to create them. So, at the start of the brand development process, an effective and experienced team should always be on board. Make no mistake.

The worst thing a company can do is hire a self-taught graphic designer instead of an advertising agency to build the brand they hope will take them into the future.

However, this is the first, and often most crucial error that I see all the time. Even though the temptation to save a few hundred or thousand dollars on branding might be akin to seeing that knock-off Coach handbag in the local gift shop, it never changes the fact that, at a closer glance, it's not a Coach. To put it clearly: use the best people; find the best price; trust in a great portfolio of proven results.