Leasing Makes BMW 1 Series Affordable

One of the popular choices, especially on car funds, is your BMW 1 Series. Now I've spoken with a few BMW 1 Series drivers, and all of them have only praise for them.

One'd already been M5's, a 540, a 740, and various Merc's and believes his 130i maybe your very ideal car he's driven! People today say it's a little car, okay, it isn't the biggest, however, if you're able to come back into the elderly 3 show (like the ones featured in a recent Top Gear show), it has more room, as well as far better and safer handling! 

Starting at the $18,025 set price for the base version, the Series isn't economical for what is basically a little household. So one reason people lease BMW is that the legendary low depreciation.

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Despite the initial cost of the BMW marque, whenever you finance one based on its upcoming value they're surprisingly great value, especially on a leasing deal. Diesel is especially frugal and is still very quick to get an oil burner. You can click over here if you are looking for the best BMW car lease deals in California.

As you'd expect from the drivers' car, the driving position is spot on with plenty of adjustment. Superb human body controller, loads of grip, and a balanced feel supplied by the front-engined, rear-wheel-drive chassis, the 1 Series is sure to interest passionate drivers. 

The interior isn't as classy as the higher-end BMW's but the construction remains there. As is generally true with BMW, long-term reliability is very good and this is reflected in how well the Series rated at the 2010 JD Power poll.

Features such as driver, passenger, curtain and side airbags, grip, and dynamic stability control are standard on every version, in addition to an alarm, immobilizer, remote central locking, and deadlocks for security.