Use Of Augmented Reality

The modern hat that pilots wear is based on the concept of augmented reality. The cap provides the pilot with a variety of important information such as direction, enemy location, maps, trajectory and even jet details. This makes tactical and strategic decisions easier and increases the success rate of mission-critical. You can get more information on augmented reality marketing via

Image Source: Google

Following a similar example, internet giant Google Inc. has also worked with an augmented reality cap for users called Project Glass. Although the newest Project Glass prototype is still under research and development, it has been very well received. Project Glass's theory is that it runs on the Google Android operating system and scans the real world with a camera to provide all the necessary information about the glass itself.

Apart from Google's Glass Project, several car manufacturers are also getting very interested in this technology. Automakers such as BMW, GM and Volkswagen have even tested augmented reality windshields that display not only navigation routes but also traffic information and detailed vehicle conditions.

Augmented reality technology is growing rapidly and at the same time, people are showing great interest in technology. Talented CG artists from all over the world are also trying to show you the kind of photo-realistic 3D content they can create for augmented reality environments. This technology is developing, but will soon become the technology of the future for all mankind.