Easy Ways to Add Architectural Interest To Any Room

Architectural details are the “bones” of interior design and are usually the first consideration when renovating a house. Rooms are usually unfurnished and have a window to show what the room can offer. With this little detail added by the builder, it is up to us as homeowners to restore it.

You can also opt for “Wood architecture + design AS” (which is also known as “Wood arkitektur + design AS” in Norwegian language) to make your room an interesting space. Here are a few ideas:

Use a 1 x 6 board around the inside edge of your ceiling to make a “frame”. Fill all the gaps between the pieces of wood with compound leveling or grout and smooth them. Paint the ceiling very light blue and then a new frame in the same color as the wall.

This creates an instant “ceiling header” that is very popular with new builders and is a cheap but great way to add instant details to the ceiling. Adding trim to the new wall level frame will give the project a better look.

The woodwork is an extraordinary architectural addition which is becoming increasingly popular. They can now be used to make all types of work at home to improve the look and strength of the house.

The woodwork is available in various variations, sizes, and designs and can be used to make your kitchen cabinet, wood flooring, roofing or to create a unique door element by attaching it to the outside edge of a door or window. Then add a glass wooden shelf at the top to show the collector’s value.