Public Insurance Adjusters Can Help Realtors Sell A Home

Real Estate professionals and homeowners should not miss the opportunity to sell their homes in these difficult times. Selling a home is not easy. A house with significant damage cannot be sold for a discounted price. This works sometimes and it may not be financially feasible to lower the price at other times. No matter what, you should get the full market value of your home when you sell it.

Selling at full price.

If you are a realtor and notice damage to a client’s home that isn’t normal wear and tear but is caused by an accident, your home owner’s insurance policy may be able to cover the repair or replacement. You may be covered for the roof, ceiling, floors, and walls. A certified public adjuster via can offer a free inspection if you find evidence of water damage or smoke damage.

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Additional free service.

You could offer free inspections by a Public Insurance Adjuster to inspect all the homes you are considering listing. You will be able to stand out from your competitors when you are trying to sell a home. Not only is the sale of a house a success, but you will also be able to uncover potential claims that could pay for your seller and get new money. The money could be used to pay for repairs or it may go straight into the pockets of the sellers.

No cash outlay.

Public Insurance Adjusters are similar to Realtors. They work on a contingency basis. There is no charge unless there is a claim they initiate and settle. This is a huge benefit for the home seller, as there is no cash outlay. They will only receive money. They can either choose a contractor or perform the work themselves. This win-win scenario is only beneficial to both the homeowner and the Real Estate Professional.