Pet Diet For Dog Health

Many animals came in contact with contaminated food a couple of years ago. The food contained substances which formed crystals in the kidneys. Of course if your pet’s kidneys are damaged this is a life threatening condition and many pets did die.

Every year there are pet food recalls because of contamination. Most people do not realize that the rendering plants cook cat and dog remains from shelters around the country along with other animal by products such as chickens, beef, fish, and occasionally contaminated grain slips in to the product.Your donation can save lives of animals who are facing a health problem.

Canine health has been in a rapid decline over the years, the food quality or lack of quality of the pet food is something you can change. What should you feed your pet to promote dog health? Unless you are willing to contact the manufacturer and ask questions you must read labels, or buy organic and raw food.

Remember that a dog, unlike cats, can digest plant and animal foods. Many people are making their own dog food to help clear up health problems and to keep them healthy so you may want to give that a try.

Along with diet you can introduce supplements to strengthen the immune system. Without a healthy immune system his wellbeing will be reduced along with his ability to fight off a variety of illness such as diabetes and many other health related problems.

Vitality is a good indicator of dog health. If your pet doesn’t seem to have the energy he used to for running and playing or seems to continually have health issues then the lack of nutrients in his diet may be to blame.