Let Us Discuss Crepe Pans

Pancakes and pan crepes date back to the mid-19th century when crepes were introduced to fine dining. Back then the wok was highly valued by the French. Over time, the dish spread and its popularity grew. Ironically, it is somehow viewed as a court of the poor today; Pancakes, tortillas, crackers, breadcrumbs or whatever you call it, you can serve it with any meal. In fact, it can be served as a dessert or as a main dish.

This carbon steel crepe pan used to be flat and made of steel. You can have a look at the carbon steel crepe pan via https://crepepro.com/pans-griddle/ and can purchase also. However, sometimes people use flat trays. The good thing about this skillet is its ability to heat up instantly, in fact, it only takes about a minute to make the crepe on one side and then flip it over. This makes the baking process very fast. Over time, this pan, in general, have improved.

Although slightly more expensive, the "Carbon steel" crepe pan is a great find. It's easy to use and the total pancake preparation time is less than a minute. Usually, it is like that after being heated dipped in batter and the hot surface only catches the very thin layer that is cooked on the stove.

The electric crepe maker is the most modern model when it comes to crepe pans. In addition to the "inverted mode" feature, this pan has heat control and lets you know when the surface is hot enough to bake pancakes.

So, I guess it doesn't work anymore. It is advisable to choose your pans carefully and, especially after use, to clean them, preferably with hot, soapy water. Even so, hand washing is better than using the dishwasher.