How To Buy A Used BMW

In 1991 BMW designed a beautiful new look, sleek 3 series, designated the e36. This image was destined to change the motoring scene and created a new motoring corner, the compact executive car, which nearly all the motoring manufacturers the world over tried to copy.

This model reached a level of mechanical sophistication that is remarkably current today and is still a benchmark as it hits its middle age. You can get bmw & european car service specialists in castle hill whenever required.

When new, the 3 series e36 was enormously popular and is now sought-after as a relatively inexpensive executive car in the used car market. It can be outstandingly good value if you can find a well looked after example with service history, in either the four or six-cylinder variant.

Check the side moldings on the Sport models as these tend to rust and the clips cut off. The molding should follow the bodywork closely.

Check the seam welds of the front wing; they should be neat and match each other. All the original BMW labels on the front slam panel should also be checked.

Assure that the bumpers line up with the bodywork as they can become loose or uneven after an accident. The door panels must also be a good fit, flush with the bodywork.

The hood and boot gaps must align perfectly and not be overly large.

There may be some evidence of rust in the odd example in the front wings due to an inner lip design flaw; it gets water and can rust if not watched nearly. Also, check around the windscreen where it meets the roof for signs of rust or repair.