Hosted Exchange for an IT Reseller: From Threat to Opportunity

As an IT distributor, your company sells IT packages with your hardware and software, and services to other companies and organizations. To be accepted as an approved distributor, you must have trained and certified technicians to provide the service. 

This usually means investing in training your engineers by getting them to recycle and use other authorities so they can take advantage of other markets. You can achieve the best service of the cloud for IT reseller at for the development of your company.

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The IT job market claims that there is a huge demand for such skills – I'm sure you've been through the following situations: You train an engineer and after a while, you decide to bring those skills to market and the Best to get the offer. You then need to recruit new talent and train them again. 

One of the main reasons for this view is that IT retailers still haven't seen how they fit into this cloud computing scheme: not only are they losing their word on the physical infrastructure that needs to be set up, but they are left with the impression that the end customer can replace it due to calculations. The computer appears to be more accessible to the end-user.

In fact, cloud computing marketing services are pushing a "self-service" model, and while end users can actually choose a plan and then move to the cloud using a hosted exchange provider, IT Distributors can achieve a large competitive advantage.