Health Benefits of Black Truffle Salt

Black truffles are a delicacy. They are large, round, soft, dense, and rich. Their flavor is like that of a very chocolate Truffle. These succulent gems are known all over the world for their firmness and fluffiness. Truffles have become a symbol of romance, luxury, and style. In fact, the word truffle is French, a derivative of the Italian word "trattoria", meaning trattles.

While not a traditional winter dessert, black truffle salt is still enjoyed during the warmer months. Because of this, they are popping up in all kinds of places. You can now find them in fine restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They are being featured on TV shows like Beach Rules, Food Network's Extreme Makeover, and Top Chef. And in Canada, chef Paul Boehme has introduced smoked salmon with black truffle salt on his television show.

But if you are not into fancy restaurants or celebrity chef cooking, then you are in luck. Truffles do not have to be only for the winter. They are equally delicious, if not better, in the late summer and fall. They are so popular right now that there is even a season available that comes in a variety of different powders. Here, we'll take a look at some of the best black truffle salt on the market and explain why cooking with it adds a special touch to many recipes.

Many top chefs swear by black truffle salt, especially when making scrambled eggs. The key to creating that perfectly fluffy omelet is to add just a bit too much salt. That will moisten the eggs and create slight cracking while they are rising. By allowing the eggs to slightly crack while they are rising, you create an easier way to remove the yolk from the bottom of the pan without cracking your teeth.

There are other reasons to use it in cooking as well. One is that it does not contain any refined grains which can increase the calories in your diet without you realizing it. Refined grains like corn, wheat, and barley can create lots of problems with digestion, high cholesterol levels, and obesity. Using black truffle salt in cooking will help you avoid these problems while still enjoying your food.

This type of salt also goes by several names including black truffle, unrefined sea salt, and marine grade. However, they are actually all one salt. That is not to say that there aren't any differences in quality among them, but they are all made from the same mineral source, which is marine sulfate. There are no chemical additives added to this form of salt, which makes it ideal for use in cooking. In addition to using it in cooking, it can also be added to seafood such as sardines, herring, salmon, or scallops. It provides an extra flavor and saltiness to these foods that cannot be achieved through the use of commercial seasonings.

The mineral properties of black truffle salt draw attention to itself as a powerful antioxidant. This makes it a great addition to diets that are looking to lower their risks of cancer due to excessive fat consumption. Though it has health benefits, it can be used in moderation due to its high sodium content. For best results, it is recommended that you either replace your salt intake with this salt or choose another flavor for your favorite recipes.

Though not the healthiest choice when it comes to sprinkling it on your next burger or fries, it will surely add a unique flavor to any dish. Try sprinkling a small amount on your baked potato or your next pasta dish. You will immediately notice the difference. Other than that, you can also sprinkle it on soups and stews, and even use it to top your cereal for a healthier version of the cereal. This is one of those healthy salts with the highest concentration of sodium out there, so you are sure to get your money's worth.