Freelance Web Designers – Pick The Right One in Auckland

Nowadays, an individual or an organization that wants to create a website hires web design professionals to do the job. This is a cost-effective, time-saving, and results-oriented alternative to creating websites on a do-it-yourself basis especially when said individual – say, yourself – has little to no skills, knowledge, and time for said project.

Let's assume that you have chosen to hire a design professional to do the job. Your next issue is choosing between hiring a freelance designer and a designer employed by a professional company.

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Let's then compare the pros and cons of hiring a freelance designer and a company-employed designer. This early, however, we must say that either choice will yield similar results in terms of a professional-looking, user-friendly, and traffic-attractive website.


Understandably, your first consideration is the total project cost especially when your company is still in its infancy stage or when your company is struggling with finances under the recessionary economy. You must also think of the maintenance costs after the website is built, launched, and advertised in the proper channels.

In terms of costs, a freelance designer can charge less than a company for several reasons. The former does not have the concerns of overhead costs, operation expenses, and other billable charges that the latter must deal with on each project. You can then save several hundred dollars on the professional service fees with freelance professionals.