Different Types of Hydraulic Seals

The hydraulic seals are unsung heroes of mechanical machines. Anywhere where there are hydraulic actions in the machine as in the pump alternating, internal combustion engine, aviation landing wheels, vehicle suspension systems and so on. 

Wherever there is a hydraulic power transfer to linear motion, the hydraulic seal is there to contain oil or hydraulic fluid, ensuring that the pressure is contained in the piston without passing the piston head and to maintain the dirt and the environment of hydraulic action.

If you want to know more about hydraulic seals, browse this website. There are three main types of hydraulic seals used in the industry and for transportation vehicles; Piston seal, rod seal and wiper seal. This is mostly used in combination to perform certain specific functions. 

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They can with dynamic seals that move with pistons or other moving machines or static seals used for detention on a fixed part of the machine. The piston seal is a dynamic seal that moves through the cylinder as part of its operation. The piston seal is a seal that often needs to contain pressure in the cylinder during power strokes.

Rod Seal is a dynamic or static hydraulic seal type that contains hydraulic actions in pressurised systems throughout the movement cycle. The wiper seal is usually a static type seal used to ‘delete’ rod to prevent dirt and other liquids out of the hydraulic system and protect the rod seal so that it is not damaged by grit.