Select a Reputable Breeder For a Bengal Cat in The UK

Particular kittens which are considered above average in grade might be marketed to breeder houses. Backyard breeders discharge their kittens without any concern for their futures. Respectable breeders also regularly display their queens and kings for both hereditary and health problems before breeding to guarantee the kittens they create are high quality and will be genetically sound. Backyard breeders don’t do such things.

If you see the kittens and cats always coughing, have a runny nose, signs of nausea, or filthy living conditions, these are unacceptable criteria for almost any principled breeder and may be a symptom of a potentially serious problem like FCoV.

Exotic breeders will probably be TICA connected, and when needed, state-licensed. They’ll abide by TICA’s rules, restricting queens to just two litters each year. Backyard breeders won’t be TICA-connected, accredited, and will certainly not abide by rigorous breeding guidelines. Start looking for breeders having high reviews from previous kitten buyers. If you are looking for a Bengal cat breeder in the UK, then you can visit Bengal Legacy.

bengal kitten

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Be skeptical of breeders with different negative reviews, particularly if those testimonials cite health issues, sicknesses, or deaths.

See if the kittens and cats are both social and ready to play. The kittens must be attentive and lively. They shouldn’t be scared, shy, or timid around people. You should not feel rushed or forced to obtain a kitty by the breeder. When a breeder is reluctant to enable you to enter their house to see their kittens, then that’s an indication of something being wrong. If this occurs, detect a different breeder.