Barriers to Creative Thinking Skills

Thinking is one of the basic activities of man. Our thoughts start popping up various kinds of ideas at a very tender age and we learn to reflect on them. There are two types of creative thinking – critically and creatively.

Critical thinking is more analytical, convergent, and focused while creative thinking is generative, divergent, and disseminated. Creative thinking skills we usually stuck for various reasons.

Barriers to Creative Thinking Skills

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The attitude is not constructive – Tendency to the center only the negative aspects of a situation to act as a barrier to creative thinking skills. Statements such as "it's too difficult or too costly"; "We cannot do that because we do not have enough resources or skills" highlights the negative attitude that a person carries. Instead, we should try to find opportunities in every situation and should allow you to face the challenges.

Executive anxiety – When someone over-stressed or burdened with the workload, tends to relieve his ability to think creatively. Stress targets creative mental processes and reduces them to a minimum. In this case, we should try to understand that the organization's daily work is important but that should not stop us from trying new ideas and approaches.

Fear of failure – Often people prevent themselves from thinking differently because they are afraid that they will be fooling themselves. Creative thinking skills allow a person to carry out conventional methods and plans.

Strictly follow the rules – the rules are very important for us to function properly and accurately. However, they stick strictly inventive aspects to kill someone. It represses the possibility of bringing something new and innovative to the table.