All About Maintaining Healthy Teeth

When you let bacteria build up at the bottom of your teeth when you brush you can see bleeding. When this continues your gums start to loosen and this bacteria begins to eat at the bone and ligaments that hold your teeth in place. The bacteria can get into your bloodstream from there and can cause heart disease and other serious conditions. You can also get the best service of dentist in Reston VA through

It is extremely important that if you feel anything wrong with your teeth that you see a dentist immediately. Leaving a cracked tooth can cause harmful liquids to get into your bloodstream and cause infection into your body.

If you feel your tooth is sensitive you should go to the doctors to get a cavity filled as soon as possible. Leaving this untreated can cause decay and eventually lead to a root canal, which is very painful.

In general some people just have sensitive teeth. You should then use some type of fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse. You may even need a prescription for specific toothpaste.

Not only do you need your teeth for eating but appearance is important as well. You do not need perfect looking teeth. A clean appearance with nice white teeth can land a job, or catch the eye of the opposite gender. To keep your teeth looking their best you can try Crest White Strips Premium 7-day. You will start seeing result in 3 days and the full result in 7.