About Connectors, Pipe System And Plumbing Fitting?

In modern plumbing system, there are several important things to know about connectors, pipes and plumbing fitting. There are several different sizes of pipes that are suited to different types of project.  These pipes used to transport potable drinking water in a home plumbing system and also used for carrying drain water.

Pipes are also comes in different materials such as copper, steel, galvanized steel and others. Copper and steel are the widely used pipes in plumbing system. Copper has many advantageous properties such as non-toxic and corrosion resistance. They are relatively soft and easy to install. Beside, when a pipe system connects to straight connection with different diameter than stainless steel reducing( which is also known as ตัวลดสแตนเลส in the Thai language) or adapter has been used.

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Similarly, connectors are used for joining two pipes and also used to make direction for water flow.  So that water can easily transport to the particular direction without any restriction. No doubt, you can found types of connectors for used in numerous plumbing system.

Connectors are specific to the size of pipe being used and a number of styles are available in the market. The main styles are Straight connector, 90 degree bend and T-connector these are very common in fitting system. Most of these are available either to accept the same sized pipes at each end or to accept different sizes, this allows a change in pipe size to be achieved simply.

On the other hand, valves, bolts, nuts and fasteners are also essential in plumbing. They all have their own preference according their needs. Moreover, all the equipment that are used in plumbing or fitting system comes in different sizes, lengths and diameter as per required need where you want to place it. So, before choosing any connectors, pipes or other equipment you must check their description.